Councilmembers Hollander and Owen to host
Body Camera Informational Forum with LMPD’s Fifth Division

Tuesday, June 2nd at 6:30pm
Field Elementary School – 120 Sacred Heart Lane


As Louisville Metro Police move forward with the purchase of body cameras for all officers, Councilmembers Bill Hollander (D-9) and Tom Owen (D-8) will host a special forum for the public to learn more about how the department plans to begin using the cameras. Both Councilmembers have indicated it’s important that the public understand what LMPD is about to undertake given the mood of the country with police-citizen interaction.

The Informational Forum is set for Field Elementary School on Tuesday, June 2nd beginning at 6:30 pm. There will be a short presentation by LMPD followed by a question and answer period. Attendees will be given notecards when signing in at the forum so they may write down their questions for LMPD.

LMPD Chief Steve Conrad indicated a pilot program was needed for the cameras in order to ensure guidelines were established and procedures are followed prior to going city-wide with their use.

“LMPD will begin a pilot program with the cameras in the Fifth Division, which includes most of District 9. We know this is ground breaking for our city and the department,” says Hollander. “We know that cameras work when there is public awareness. It is important that everyone understand the purpose of the cameras, the operation of the cameras and how police will interact with anyone once the cameras are in place.”

“Some Police-citizen interaction will always be fraught with fear, anger, extreme tension, flight and potential violence. In that charged setting, officers must make tortured split-second decisions and citizens may do things they regret,” says Owen. “Body cameras can expose bad actors and bring both personal and civic comfort to everyone involved.”

For more information about the Body Camera Informational Forum contact Councilman Hollander’s office at 574-1109 or Councilman Owen’s office at 574-1108.

Talk with Tom

The next “Talk with Tom” set for Saturday, May 30, 2015
9:00 a.m. -11:00 a.m.
Day’s Coffee – 1420 Bardstown Road

Councilman Tom Owen invites residents of District 8 to come out for “Talk with Tom” on this Saturday, May 30th 9:00am -11:00am.

“Summer is just around the corner and people are out and about, so if you can take a break and come talk to me about anything on your mind,” says Owen.

May’s “Talk with Tom” will take place at Day’s Coffee at 1420 Bardstown Road. The setting is casual and there is no agenda, its first come first serve.

“I want to hear from those folks with a concern or problem or you can just stop by to chat with your council person” says Owen.

For more information about May’s “Talk with Tom”, contact Councilman Owen’s office at 574-1108.

Save the Douglass Community Center

As many of you know, Metro Parks almost closed the Douglass Community Center last summer. The HDNA intervened at that time, and, with the help of Councilmen Tom Owen and the late Jim King, we were able to stave off the closure. Since then, we have been working to secure the future of this important part of our community and Metro Louisville through our ad hoc committee, Save Our Center. S.O.C. has been working with Metro Parks, Councilman Owen, and State Representative Marzian to develop a plan to fund the renovations and repairs needed to see the Center into its second century.

Save Our Center has started a petition asking Mayor Fischer and Metro Council to allocate $250,000 to address fire safety issues and add accessible restrooms to the gym at the Douglass Community Center. We are hoping you can help us succeed.

Please, click the link below to sign the online petition and share with friends and family.


Check our website http://highlandsdouglass.org
for updates!

Highlands Douglass

The PVA will be on site at Crescent Hill and Highlands-Shelby Park (Mid City Mall) Libraries beginning Monday to assist citizens with property assessment appeals.

You must be able to substantiate your opinion of value in the appeal. The sales list will be available on the website for comparable sales. However, they also accept homeowner’s insurance policies, appraisals, listing contracts, photographs, etc…


Monday – 5/11

Crescent Hill library
10a – 2p
4p -6p

Highlands Library

Tuesday – 5/12

Crescent Hill library
10a – 2p

Highlands Library

Wednesday- 5/13

Crescent Hill library
10a – 2p
4p -6p

Highlands Library

Thursday- 5/14

Crescent Hill library
10a – 2p

Highlands Library

Friday – 5/15

Crescent Hill library
10a – 2p
4p -6p

Highlands Library

Monday – 5/18

Crescent Hill Library

Highlands Library



2015 Property Appeals close on May 18 at 4:00 p.m.

When the assessment of a property changes from the prior year, the PVA sends a property assessment notice to the owner, typically in early April. However, you do not have to receive an assessment notice in order to appeal your assessment. All property owners have the right to appeal the current assessments each year. By law, certain steps must be followed in the appeal process.



Under state law (KRS 133.120) property owners who wish to appeal their assessment must first hold a conference with the PVA Office during the annual Open Inspection Period (OIP). Each year the OIP begins on the first Monday in May and continues for a thirteen day period including two Saturdays.

Documentation that supports your opinion of value must be submitted during your online conference appeal or mailed to the PVA within 24-hours of your online appeal submission. Documentation submitted to the PVA will be considered the property of the PVA. Please retain a personal copy before submitting documentation.

Examples include:

  • Documentation of recent comparable sales (not assessments) that are similar to your property in size, condition, location and characteristics. Sales should be within an 18 month period prior to January 1. To assist you, a Property Comparison Worksheet is included with the Appeal Form for residential properties.
  • Download additional Property Comparison Worksheets.
  • For rental or commercial properties, you should also submit your lease contract or your income and expense statements for the last three years. To assist you, an Income and Expense Worksheet is included with the Appeal Form.
  • Download additional Expense worksheets.
  • A recent full appraisal of your property
  • Interior/exterior photos showing condition of property
  • Your homeowner’s insurance policy
  • Your listing contract if your property is currently for sale
  • Estimates of any repairs
  • Original construction costs or cost of additions or improvements to your property

You can download and complete these forms on your computer.

While conferences with the PVA are usually informal, you may choose to have someone represent you. Anyone who is hired to represent you must submit a letter of authorization and must be an attorney, certified public accountant, certified real estate appraiser, Kentucky licensed real estate broker, an employee of the property owner, or someone who holds a professional appraisal designation (see bottom of page) recognized by the Kentucky Department of Revenue.

For convenience, a telephone conference can be arranged for those with physical disabilities or other limitations if not appealing by mail. If you schedule a telephone conference, an Appeal Form, as well as any documentation that supports your opinion of value, must be mailed to us prior to your scheduled conference.


If an agreement is not reached as the result of your PVA conference, you may appeal to the LBAA. The LBAA is a three member panel whose members are appointed by the Mayor of Louisville Metro. Following your conference and review by the PVA, you will be mailed a conference result form that must be filed with the Jefferson County Clerk’s office (JCCO) by the date indicated on the form. The JCCO will notify you with the date and time of your appeal. If you have any questions concerning your appeal to the LBAA or the LBAA appeal process, you may call the JCCO at (502) 574-6915.


If you are not in agreement with your assessment results after appealing to the LBAA, you may request an appeal before the KBTA. The KBTA consists of three members appointed by the Governor of Kentucky. The KBTA will notify you of the date and time of your appeal.


American Association of Certified Appraisers

Certified Form – Appraiser – CF – A
Certified Appraiser – Farm and Land – CA – FL
Certified Appraiser – Residential – CA – R
Certified Appraiser – Senior – CA – S
Certified Appraiser – Consultant – CA – C

American Society of Appraisers

Accredited Member – AM
Accredited Senior Appraiser – ASA
Accredited Agricultural Consultant – AAC
Accredited Farm Manager – AFM
Accredited Rural Appraiser – ARA
Accredited Real Property Review Appraiser – RPRA
Professional Member

Appraisal Institute

MAI – Commercial Appraisal
SRPA – Residential Appraiser
SREA – Residential Appraiser
SRA – Residential Appraiser
RM – Residential Appraiser

International Association of Assessing Officers

Certified Assessment Evaluator – CAE
Residential Evaluation Specialist – RES
Cadastral Mapping Specialist – CMS
Personal Property Specialist – PPS
Assessment Administration Specialist – AAS

International Right of Way Association

Senior Right of Way Agent – SRWA

National Association of Independent Fee Appraisers

Member – IFA
Member/Agriculture – IFAA
Senior Member – IFAS
Appraiser Counselor – MSA

National Association of Master Appraisers

Master Residential Appraiser – MRA
Master Farm and Land Appraiser – MFLA
Master Senior Appraiser – MSA

Appraisal Institute of Canada

Canadian Residential Appraiser – CRA
Accredited Appraiser Canadian Institute – AACI

The Institute of Property Taxation

Certified Member of the Institute – CMI

Kentucky Real Estate Appraisal Board

Appraiser Trainee License
Licensed Real Property Appraiser
Certified Residential Appraiser
Certified General Appraiser

Kentucky Department of Revenue

Senior Kentucky Assessor
Certified Kentucky Assessor




In response to concerns expressed by residents of the Cherokee Triangle about recent property assessments, the Cherokee Triangle Association is hosting a


Neighborhood Forum
with the Jefferson County PVA

Tuesday, May 12
7:00 – 9:00 p.m.
Church of the Advent
901 Baxter Ave.
Louisville, KY 40204


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